Looking for people to help build a rollercoaster by the spawn on smp2

Discussion in 'Share Your EMC Creations' started by Mruniverse009, Jan 16, 2012.

  1. Hey guys im very new to this server but I have very big plans. I am trying to build a roller coaster on my whole plot that will be open to the public. It would even have a cart system that would reload itself and recycle the carts. The only problem is that I am very slow to start, and was wondering if any felllow minecrafters would like to try and help me make this idea a reality. The only requirements are that you already have a res plot that you have built on, and that you have experience making cool stuff on minecraft! If you are interested please /tell mruniverse009 ingame, or visit my plot 3022.

    I dont have very many specifications for the rollercoaster other then a few ideas for the parts of the ride. If anyone has any ideas they are free to tell me, I dont yet know what material the coaster will be made out of but it will probably be wood.

    BTW: i am 2 plots west of the spawn so everyone will be able to access the rollercoaster easily!
  2. I can help, i am on smp1 lot 1261 check my coaster out to see if my architectual skills at coasters could help you :)
  3. I can help but I need the materials
  4. I can help but I too need the materials.
  5. Just minecart tracks and whatever materials your building with is what I would need