Looking for owner of items found on Smp5.

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by Ahzeriel, Jan 22, 2013.

  1. I found a couple of items on Smp5 today and wanted to know if the owner was looking for them.
    These aren't "Important Items' but i hate the idea of having something that isn't mine. If these belong to you you can Pm me here and i will give you the items =) Thanks!
  2. You may need more details.
  3. ^^^ This. Like where you found them, to start off with.
  4. If it was a block of dirt, it's mine.
    Please, leave it where you found it. I'll pick it up sometime.
  5. I was trying to make sure i had the correct person :oops: It was outside the Mob Arena
  6. No problem, we are just trying to help:) Well its not mine! Although, there seems to be a cactus thief around smp5 >.>
  7. Well, if he gives details first, someone could come up and say oh, if they're pixelated they're mine... XD there can't be many players who lost items in a frequented area (for another player to find them) of a specific server so yeah, giving the location should be enough.
  8. Yeah. I didn't want everyone to say "Omg thats mine!1!" I wanted them to say "I lost Blank at Blank today" :/