Looking For Opinions / Constructive Criticism On My New Vid

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  1. [UPDATED 12/5/15]

    Hey guys,

    So recently I was messing around and decided to record a few videos of me just doing some random cleaning up/ odd jobs around my res. I recorded for about and hour and have a few videos already edited up.

    Here is the first one I took, and in my opinion my best edit. I also made an intro/ outro that are about 25 secs. I think around 6-10 minutes is a good "sweet-spot" for viewer attention, and also an easy file for me to work with.

    Anyway, here is the link. (It is in 720P 30FPS but if you view it right as I post this it may be processing still...)


    I do know it appears "fuzzy" but I didn't realize until after an hour that (I think) it was my bitrate, and I fixed it.

    Thanks :)


    Intel Core i-7 6700K @ stock

    DUAL Nvidea GTX 980's

    64gb DDR4 RAM

    And 5 Intel 750 series 512gb SSD's
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  2. You sure you watched even the first minute of the vid? :p
  3. He's right. Only the very beginning has music. Other than that it's just silent.
  4. Ok, so maybe I can add some like under my voice. So hard to find copyright free music w/o voice. RoyalTraxx and NoCopyrightSounds hardly make 6-8min vids

    But I'll look into it four sure
  5. Add music, or even better commentate! Music in the backing of your commentary will also be good. If you're not doing much in your video (like just building) speak about your passion, current affairs and things that you're interested in, seem lively and positive as this sorta thing rubs off on your audience. Also, it's a little bit jittery but that can only be fixed with a lower latency recorder or a better computer. Just stick to it, you'll get better over time. I would recommend either making your content so good you can commentate about it, or voice over it with things you want to say.
    Good luck!
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  6. If you need royalty free music, Youtube has an extremely large selection. All be it, they're not by any means amazing, but they might help you get the job done.
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  7. Just add more than one song
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  8. I don't want to be rude, but: ^^^
  9. You stated that you have improved the bitrate, that will be good, and it looks like your pc should handle it just fine.
    You do a nice job with transitioning between normal and fast forward while building, looks good!
    I think the biggest thing that you can do is the voice. Music would be ok if I was interested in the specific thing you were building, but it wouldn't really be enough for this in my opinion.
    Clearly you are working very hard on a large project and it could be a lot more fun to watch if you told us about it and why and what next or something like that.
    Great work! let me know if there is anything I can do to help.
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  10. Thanks for the input. I have recorded some audio for the first few videos and I actually recorded another video yesterday where I went into detail what exactly I'm doing and why. I plan on releasing that video first so others will have an idea of what exactly is going on. I plan on recording some videos about my mall, and my buisness in the future.
  11. Updated OP with new video with voiceover and more music
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