Looking for nice players to join me in the wild on SMP8

Discussion in 'Frontier and Player Outposts' started by Chaotic_Zen, Jun 14, 2014.

  1. My first multiplayer experience was shortly after minecraft came out, and it was extremely frustrating. I was murdered and griefed by a more experienced player within 3 hours of getting on the server. I was mining, and the guy walked right between where I was mining and me and used that as an excuse that I attacked him. They proceeded to slay me where I stood and then stole everything I had mined so far. On top of that, they got me banned for 'attacking' them first. Couldn't even get a word in edgewise with the admins.

    I've experienced griefing on another server shortly thereafter, and simply gave up on multiplayer. However... I like to make cool things out of redstone, and I like to make traps for mobs, and I like to build stuff, but to be honest it's rather unfulfilling when I can't share my creations with others.

    I have been working on a secret base about 1.5km away from the wild spawn area. And although I've made a lot of stuff, I get lonely out there on my own, and simply would enjoy company from time to time.

    The odds of accidentally discovering the base is pretty low. There is no access from the surface within 1km that I am aware of. I am slow to invite new players, just because of the distrust level I have from my first multiplayer experience.

    I have made a lot of really cool improvements, including a few xp farms, and 3 more planned soon.
    If you are interested in joining me at the base, you will enjoy many perks, including multiple food sources, the xp farms of course, and keep whatever you find while exploring.

    I am looking for a few more people to join me at the base, to explore, farm, and just enjoy the company.

    At least 3 months on Empire Minecraft.
    Be nice.
    To apply you must connect to SMP8 and send me a message if I am online.
    You may not invite anyone else to the base without my approval. (I have spent over 30 hours improving the base, and any griefing would really upset me)

    There are other conditions that will be revealed during the interview. If interested please message me. I'm online quite a bit lately.