Looking for Nether Fortress

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  1. I am looking for a nether fortress where I can find blazes and wither skeletons. Offering 200r for the coordinates of an undamaged nether fortress withinn 3000 blocks of spawn.
    I will check the answers in the order they come in and award the money to the first person to tell me the best nether fortress to go to. Only one prize will be given out

    Hint: one on smp2 will be a better nether fortress, than the same one on another server

    Sorry, I am going to have to look for one on my own. The problem is wither skeleton spawnings. I appologise for this and i hope I might be able to contine this when bukkit fixes the bug.
  2. This is impossible. You need to venture 5k blocks to find these things!
  3. I was okay with everything but this part:
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  4. I've got a single player map with one that meets your requirements. 200r pleeeeez.
  5. If you had the gear, I could show you where you could find gigantic one's that I have struck upon while digging my tunnels.
  6. Seriously?
  7. gear?
    Anyway, i'll like to ckeck it out first
  8. Not really, but I'm sure I could generate a map that has one pretty easily. I assumed you wanted one on EMC so I jokingly offered one that wasn't, since you didn't sepecify that it needed to be on an EMC server.

    You should take a look at these threads:

    The last I read, even if you had coordinates to a fortress where skeletons were spawning, they probably wouldn't spawn after the servers were rebooted. Some sort of bug in the server code.

    The good news is that Bukkit has fixed the problem and that Aikar will be updating the servers tonight.
  9. Equipment for the nether, lava resistance armor, bows, food, cobble, torches; things like that.
  10. Is that the reason why all the servers had a reboot about 5 minutes ago?
  11. I hope so. The talk in the bugs thread suggests that it was.
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  12. Sounds nice, I got plenty of food and dirt, so I would like to see it.
  13. I'll send you the details. Believe me, you will not be let down.