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  1. Hi Citizens of the Empire,

    (1 Free Res right now - People building in the neighborhood right now: eclipsys, Brennian, Hasorko)

    I'm looking for 2 neighbors for my res on smp3. The two res I'm giving away are next to my castle Aniyuma and the nether res Iskierka's Prison.

    The 2 neighbors should have a project in mind, which is about the same level of construction as Aniyuma and the prison of Iskierka. This way I want to create a neighborhood full of awesome buildings.

    If you'd like to join the neighborhood, it would be helpful to see some sketching in single player of the construction you want to build. It doesnt have to have any special topic, but it should be aesthetic and should fill the whole res. I will claim other res close by as they get free and give them away later. So the neighborhood hopefully grows.

    If you want the res either answer here on the post or give me an inbox message with your concrete project idea.

    For all those who dont know my res here some screens.

  2. Found the first neighbor (eclipsys). I'm looking forward to see his creation in the district :3. Still 1 res to give away for a passionate and skilled builder. Once other res get free I give them away as well
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  3. i can claim 1 :D
  4. What would you have in mind as construction?
  5. flaoting islands like that from ''avatar'' =D
  6. Sounds good, what would you do on the ground like a jungle type like avatar?
  7. Still haven't decided for the second neighbor, best idea wins. (Also there probably will be more oppotunities in future)
  8. Eclipsys is everywhere! :D
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  9. ya a jungle sounds great only the 1 big tree :)
  10. do we need to claim it at ourself?
  11. Yeah I will give the res to you then. I have claimed 7 res in a 3x3 field now I want to find nice neighbors, so you always have something to look at at the res next to you and dont have to see dirt block building/tower. I will in future try to obtain more and more res and give it to skilled builder. So slowly the neighborhood will grow.

    Write me when I'm online so you can get the res. I hope you will do a good job :D Looking forward for epic Avatar islands.

    Naturally I over my personal opinion if requestet to what ever you will do. Maybe I can add some ideas.
  12. How is that possible? I thought a diamond supporter could only claim three residences?
  13. his friends :)
  14. I got several accounts. Since friends play mc too, but some of them not at EMC so they just let me have a residence with their accounts.

    You will notice that the nether res is build on "Rnhrd"'s Res for example. But as he not plays here I'm fine :)
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  15. I will give away more res, so if somebody wants to build something epic give me your idea and you might get to claim a res next to eclipsys, brennian and me. To join an epic neighborhood.
  16. and if his res reset?
  17. I login with his account on a regular basis
  18. Normally I would take you up on this (I built Mordor on my SMP3 lot, and it is, other than my brother, surrounded by grass), but JabrZer0 and i are building the Earth/Argonath on Utopia which will be taking months to build. If this is still around when we are done with our current projects then I will gladly build a legendary lot in your neighborhood :)
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