Looking for Mod named SYSTEM

Discussion in 'Empire Help & Support' started by Mystul, Dec 19, 2012.

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  1. Anyone know the mod named SYSTEM?

    I think I've been gone long enough.

  2. Do I know you from Nodex? (Not saying IP) Also, the system is the server. Not an admin. Completely automatic.
  3. There is no mod named system. system is in place for when people spam or try to use things like flying mods.
  4. Erm. System is the server. You were banned by the server for constantly spamming.
  5. No jay2a :)
    And ok on SYSTEM.
    /end giggle
  6. Silly goose!
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  7. You know what. I might get an alt called SYSTEM. Just for the lolz.
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  8. Oh noes...


    Justin they want the truth about SYSTEM!

    Okay so the time has come for you to know the truth...
    A long time ago before Justin even recruited mods he had to find a way to moderate EMC 24/7 without him being there.
    After many millenniums of hard work Justin finally created a robot.
    After he was done coding he made an error.
    He programs for him to be called SYSTEM instead of Bob acidently.
    When Justin Guy wanted to fix it SYSTEM refused because it thought Justin was gonna shut it down.
  9. I've got to lock this one up, boys :( Mystul, you're going to have to have a talk with ICC, you know, if you want to appeal that ban...
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