Looking For Mega Mall Builder

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  1. Hey Emc !! :)

    I'm Looking For Someone Great At Building To Build Me a Mega Mall
    The mall will be located at my 3rd res!!
    You Will Be Paid Based On Quality and the Amount of Time it Takes to build
    Please send me a pm AND a Picture of a something you built

  2. How big would you like it to be? Is it like a whole res massive mall?
  3. Yes But im looking for a Good Builder Unlike dim btw
  4. and you need to send a screenshot of something you built
  5. Ok, come to 14599 for my current project
  6. Im trying not to pay over 20 k
  7. How big do you want the build to be?
  8. It looks like someone named lance built it
  9. He's helping on the build, Ive built the walls and lobby. I gave him a blue print.
  10. Well, I don't have time to build a whole res mall. Sorry, and what's wrong with dim5678? I thought the old one on smp4 was nice.