Looking for Mega Mall Builder

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  1. Hello everyone! I am looking for someone to build my mega mall! If you are interested in being the builder please please PLEASE PM me!
    If you post in this thread, "I will do it for such and such amount" I will not even reply.

    My mall is on res 643 at smp 1. I want all the floors but the lobby, to be built. I have already built the lobby, however I will be redoing it soon.

    May the best of you win!

    And if you know a mega mall builder and know that they are good at building them, please rate them here.
    It helps a lot considering that I am only from one of the 9 smps and do not know everyone.
    If you do this, I will try to contact them.
    Thx Bai!
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  2. Hello? Am I the only one alive in this thread?
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  3. Umm tomorrow can you show me what you want me if you hire me to build?
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  4. sure but it would have to be in the afternoon. I have school tomorrow. (I live in PST)
  5. Ok, see the private convo. I live in EST and out of school. While your at school, I'll look at the lobby and make out the time difference
  6. Brick I don't want to be mean, I just want to be honest. If you're going to hire someone to build your mega mall, you should start from the ground up. The current lobby looks messy to me. Just my opinion.
  7. K.
    Tbh I did not ask for my mall to be rated yet because I am not finished. I am planning on redesigning the lobby a bit.
  8. Not really a rating but if you were going to rebuild it should have said so. I misunderstood from this ^
  9. I will do it for such and such amount.
    Such and such amount = 1 Sponge
    I would like half payment up front.
    Have a nice day
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  11. i can do any redstone you need for free.
  12. 10216 is my mall, take a look for design inspiration.