Looking for low value promos!!!!

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  1. Let me know if you have low value promos to sell me!!!!

    I live on smp1 at /v 1186!! Please PM me!!
  2. What do you define "cheap"?
  3. They meant low value, not undervalued promos. As in the ICC flesh & skin. It was a wording error - I instructed OP to report the post to have a title change and they said they will.
  4. Haro, I don't see "report"
  5. I want to change it but I don't see report
  6. Wait, I deleted it!
  7. I mean reported
  8. So... how do I change the title?
  9. Try to keep all of your replies in one single reply please :p
  10. You have to report the first post asking for the title to be changed. Please use the edit button instead of posting multiple times :)
  11. Report the original post and say what you want it changed to.

    Also, please only make one post, double posting is not allowed according to the forum specific rules, so be careful. Thanks. :)

    EDIT: Ninja'd >_>
  12. UUGH!!! I'm bad at this!!