Looking for (long) term, Reliable employees on smp3

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  1. Hello, i am currently on smp3, lot 6493 and am looking for employees to help run/stock my shop
    If you are interested just leave a comment below or send me a private message
    I will go through the details with you when i am on next,
  2. I am intrested in employment. I live at slot number 6331 please contact me whenever you are on.
    -thank you.
  3. Allright, will do.
  4. Hmm how often does one have to be on to qualify? If you answer this for me here I may be interested and we can talk in game about this.
  5. Does not matter, its work whenever you want :)
    But i pay for what you do. so you may not get as much pay
  6. Well then this intrigues me contact me later on if you don't mind. The reason I say later on when I get back on is because I have plans in about 2 hours so if that works then hit me up when you see me on. :D
  7. Allright, will do. and if you see me log on, just let me know. i'd be happy to give you all the details later.
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  8. Post a comment or something when you are on next, and let me know. im on right now, but on smp5 for mining
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  9. I am on right now on smp3 but I plan on working on my res digging it out and I am tired from my day but saturday/today(as its past midnight) I will be on and in a state to chat so I will send you a PM on here when I get on tomorrow then we can talk and I can start if I all goes as planned. ok?
  10. what kind of work are we talking about?
  11. Currently I am on Smp3 Firebox if you want to talk this over or what have you...Servers are full early today O_O

    Edit: as of 13:05 Cst I am off till population dies down a bit
  12. Hey im on right now
  13. what kind of pay are we talking about
  14. Server is full :/ be on asap lol
  15. Hmm, we need to establish a time so we can get this done! And piggiman details about that are at my residence. when im on next send me a msg and ill show you
  16. Yes! that would probably be best unfortunately I didin't get to play mc all day as I planned
  17. I am on right now, and i pay for your work. Yes its stocking .
    I have a list of things i will buy, and prices.
    I have a pretty successful shop, and it is hard to keep everything in stock.
    I never said you had to work, but many people do
  18. i have chests i set up special for workers. they get more than the average joe. come to my lot for more information