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  1. hi, i will work for any job. i haven't found a constant rate of pay for fees. but it will probably be based on the amount of items i give to you
  2. What type of job are you looking for?
  3. anything from gathering to monitoring a residence
  4. we can talk more about a salary and stuff like tht in private
  5. You can gather planks for me, and logs.
  6. You could be my manager at my enchantment shop opening soon you get discounts :)
  7. 621op would i be paid as well or just the discounts and what would the job entail
    and to yankee518 how much wood do u need and wat would you be paying per stack of logs
  8. well you got 150r per day so in 1 week you got 1050r
  9. if you want a item in the shop comes out of your pay and a 30 % discount
  10. ill take that job :p but really..... also, what do u actually do? (in the job)
  11. just organize really becuz i have a 4x blaze spawner one spot
  12. can i take the job 621op??? with nickjaywolf
  13. ok just tell me the location and stuff and i will get to work
  14. you can earn 1.7k by 1 hour from selling wood to 19333 smp9
  15. or you can ern 10r per 1 gold ingot ill changenprice today to b 12 : s 10
  16. ...or you could sell all your useless stuff that you don't need anymore to 4005 SMP2 :)
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  17. same with 19333 did u see it alex ?
  18. Nice!
  19. I saw it ;)
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