Looking for Inksacks

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  1. heyya, I'm looking for ink sacs at the price of 10 per and 12 per if you sell half a stack or more.
    there are chests set up at 16435 smp8. looking to buy around 5 stacks. cheers
  2. Bump
    I've increased the pay I offer, also I can pick them up from other servers than smp8, IF you sell half a stack or more.
    PM me :)
  3. I've checked, and the best place to get inc sacs is actually at /shop. They're 10r each (less if you buy a whole stack) and can be found where all the wools and dyes are (ink sac = black dye). Just thought I'd save you some time and money :)
  4. I'll let you know if I get any. :)