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  1. So, I started work on anew res on SMP9 after abandoning my old res on one of the older servers. So far work is coming along quite nicely, but I honestly have few ideas about what I'm actually doing. If anyone wants to come to my res and leave some ideas, feel free to.

  2. Make an amusement park like 13069 smp6, they make a lot of money if priced fairly and well!
    (I own the amusement park, I get 3k a day)
    EDIT: Just choose your own theme! (Mine is Candy Land.)
  3. cover you're res with glass
  4. I was actually thinking of putting glass domes on the top.
  5. make your house that you live in, thats what i did, if u wanna check my out its on smp4 8998. u should try it , its fun.
  6. Figure I'll do that eventually.
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  7. Interesting idea. Maybe I'll do that at the top.
  8. Haha yea nobody can resist the rupees :p
  9. Actually I can mostly do without them. In my time here I've never had more than about 2k. As it stands now I am pretty much building a massive tower as the main structure, while I've dug out on basement, and plan on many more, to house the farms. Already built one for wood.
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  10. Took some screenshots of the current work.

    View from lot across the way.

    Side view to get an idea of dimensions:

    View just inside the entrance:

    Simple Cobble Generator (Gold and Jewel Encrusted):

    Tree farm 60x60x8:

    Current Workshop:

    Floor above the workshop:

    Current level being worked on:
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  11. I've begun work on my first sub basement. It will be a 60x60 wheat farm. Not sure if I will automate it or not.
  12. Hmm, guess I need to revise my plans. No one seems to like it, at least not the ones that respond.
  13. make it
    make it automatic, it is much easier and better looking.
  14. Alrighty, now to figure out the engineering aspect of doing that over such a large area.
  15. you are going to need lots of sticky pistons , but it should work great
  16. Made the wheat farm, but I decided against making it automated. Just went the old fashioned route with it.

  17. Almost forgot the pumpkins.

  18. Woot i was on he** yea!