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  1. I have made a rail system with a loader and a very long distance away an unloader. i have run into a problem where when i send the cart off to be unloaded it wont unload and come back to me. only thing i can figure is it is to far away from me and the chunk is not loading for it to work. anyone have any ideas how i can make this work.
  2. i guess you just have to be in the same chunk as it. I would set up a second rail and ride along side the loader, but I am not sure if that would defeat the purpose of your cart system.
  3. i want to continue to mine while my stuff is unloaded. im not wanting to go with it or get close enough for it to work as i would like to finish getting stuff i need
  4. looking for a way to make the chunk active while im to far away from it
  5. it stops as soon as it goes into an unloaded chunk

    best thing to do is make a few carts and just go along with a few carts full when you finished

    no way to load a chunk unless you are in it
  6. thats why im wondering is there a way to make them active while to far away red stone setup something
  7. nope no way at all
  8. well that stinks
  9. i had an idea today anyone know if this would work or has anyone tried it but i was thinking why not put something on a pressure plate run red stone dust all the way to where you want something to work so it runs all time any thoughts to this or will red stone dust quit working when it hits chunk not active