Looking for Ideas for my res.

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  1. Need ideas for my res on smp2 @4032. Have an idea? Comment your ideas below!
  2. A giant Diamond Block..
  3. out of shades of blue wool
  4. or diamond blocks :p
  5. A giant iron bell.
  6. What is with all the giant stuff? Lol
  7. Hmm... A giant statue of a giant?
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  8. yes.. this..
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  9. I could make a town...would anyone donate to me for this? I'm not the richest player......
  10. Remake a NPC village
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  11. And do it giantly
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  12. Make a Redstone computer.

    It's possible.
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  13. Yeah, but they take more room than 60x60. Though I suppose, if you can somehow find a way to use the whole 256 blocks of height, then just maybe? Also, not really worth doing, is it? :p
  14. If I was going to make a redstone computer, I would have to hire someone to build it. And forget the town idea, my friend is making me a server.
  15. I think you should dig it out and just leave it a giant hole!:p
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  16. Smart! :)
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  17. What would I do after I emptied it....

    P.S. Belugh/Dreamytje dug out a res and turned it into a res.
  18. dig it out, fill it with water, and make atlantis!(giant or not :p)
  19. create a floating ghast in your lot, and make the ground look like the nether
  20. ok really guys? everyone keeps saying "giant this" and "giant that". What is with all the Giant Stuff???!!?!?!111