Looking for ideas, advice, and a little contest too

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  1. So im redesigning my drop party room bigger and better on utopia but need a color scheme and general design consensus
    some of you all may remember my old drop party room and its efficiency:

    well im looking to do an even bigger version with more customization to accommodate larger and smaller parties with the added benefit of a 120 x 120 res
    im looking for a few things one being where you all vote via the access everyone chest on 5002 (right off utopian spawn) where you can vote by dropping steaks in the color pallet you like most:

    Finally the part you are all waiting for: if anyone is willing to donate a bit of the pallet they are choosing along with a forum mail with any suggestions for a drop party room or interesting redstone that may help they will be entered in to an exclusive V.I.P. area containing 1 mill in items and promos at the next drop party i host. it looks a little something like this:

    donations will also be contained on 5002 as soon as i set up the chests following this post :)
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