Looking for help.

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  1. I am interested in speaking to someone about a blaze spawn "grinder".

    Please be knowledgeable, whisper me in game, and please be a supporter.



    <3 Mel
  2. Are you selling or buying?
  3. I am interested in speaking to someone who knows how to build one (preferably off of two spawners). There is a possibility that I would like to make a business deal with said person.
  4. I have one but I don't know if I should sell it. Though only my nether buddy knows where it is (not telling!)
  5. I'm not looking to buy =p
  6. I would suggest AlexChance, but you don't think he's legit because he didn't like his prices being undercut. Also, I would find a few spawners first, and then have a grinder built around them.
  7. Yes, thank you for your insight.
  8. I can't tell if that remark was sarcastic or not. I was not intending to be bitter about your decision, I was just pointing out that Alex is one of the best out there. If you choose not to use him, it's your choice and I respect it. I am just hoping to provide my opinion before you make your decision.
  9. I am going to sleep - If anyone is interested in working together to build a mob grinder, I do have the spawners, please send me a tell in game tomorrow evening - or leave me a message on the website.
  10. woah I think that means she meant it as sarcasm:/