Looking for help With a server

Discussion in 'General Minecraft Discussion' started by nerone94, Jun 3, 2012.

  1. I am trying to learn a server for me and a fw friends, and I am doing my best, but code is not my thing. I am having troble getting some plug ins to work correctly, and wanted to know if anybody is willing to help me learn this stuff/help me set it up? Thanks!
  2. Most plugins require Bukkit. Actually, I think all kinda do since technically it's a server side mod if it doesn't. Make sure you're using Bukkit.

    To install a Bukkit plugin, drag the .jar file you're provided with into the /plugins folder of your server files. Restart the server and the plugin will hopefully work. If it doesn't, cry.

    You might want to use permissions to control who can use commands and other stuff. Don't ask me for help with that, they seem to confuse everyone except Justin...
  3. I have bukkit, iConomy and PEX running. I cant seem to get towny to run, despite having vault in the plugins folder along with the towny jar. It doesnt create the new files when I restart the server. And I also cant seem to get Cashflow to work correctly ever. It doesnt tell people if they receive money, if it is even sending it to them.