[LOOKING FOR HELP - suppliers/sellers] SMP9 19007

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  1. Hi,

    I am looking for people that would like to take care of my 19007 mall. There are four section of products.
    1. Flowers/plants, dyes
    2. Colored glass
    3. Colored wool
    4. Colored clay

    Offer includes You own chests shops to sell those products. I don't take any rupees payments for You for selling these products. I just want that offer to be available for SMP9.

    I am looking for trustworthy people that like to get and sell those kinds of products, and long term cooperation. There are four slots to be taken for each of kind of products, unless someone wants to take care of more sections.

    Just post Your candidature below, I will check it. (or pm me ingame when I'm on)
    (I will prefer people playing regullary at SMP9 though)

    PS. there is OptiFine plugin mostly required, unless you have somewhat good (powerfull) computer. ;)

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  2. I get tons and tons of the peony, sunflower, rose bush, and lilac's! I can get more then 2 DCs per flower a day so I would love to help you with the flowers/dye.
  3. Dyes and flowers level is taken by WolfInAction for a trial period :) Welcome :)
  4. bump.. err help still wanted ;)
  5. Colored glass and clay are things I can supply