looking for help on enchantment

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  1. so as of late i have been looking into enchantment i have been playing around just getting my xp up. reading on the wiki how it works. and i am having a hard time understanding it all. i put a lvl 50 enchantment on a diamond pickax and only got efficacy lvl 1. wtf did i mis something or do something wrong can somene offer some insight to this?
  2. There are websites which help to decipher the words written, before enchanting the item. But from my understanding, the enchantment process is completely random and understanding the words wont help to figure out what the enchantment will be.
  3. yeah i have decrypted the words on some of them and it was like zephyr is king dragon or something like that and i was like... uhm ok
  4. Yeah i believe the words are just randomly chosen from a list of available words. Absoluteny nothing to do with final enchantment.
  5. Ya as far as I know the enchantments are random, but I don't think a lvl 50 enchantment should have given you only efficency 1 but idk. All I know is the higher the enchantment level, the higher the cost, and the greater the effect. Not much else to know besides that
  6. i know i wasnt happy when i spent 2 hours grinding from lvl 1 to 50 and got that now i am reading more on the wiki and its confusing how a few things saying that lvl 50 is the highest u can enchant how ever it looks like to get some of the enchantments u need lvl like 100. any ideas?
  7. I believe you have a 10% chance of getting the silk thouch enchantment between the evels 38-45. But i dont know much more then that.
  8. it doesnt really seem worth it at all