Looking For Good Restoner For Stone Generator

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  1. I can help at 5 :00 PM PST...
  2. Take a look at res 10160, there is a fast one.
  3. Are you trying to fix one, build one, design something new...
  4. Build a Big quick and efficent one pab
  5. Mark says he has one at 10160.

    You can see mine at 14870(Down the stairs and through the Stone Gen tp.). If you want to look at it and can't find it, let me know. I don't like to let the wall fill so I either use a switch on the floor or a lever to shut it off. A lot of people just use the same core without a Piston wall.

    NetherWorld666 recently put one up at ArkWarrior1's residence. I made one of the same type and it is pretty fast but whenever I stop it I get Cobble inside. I haven't found a solution to fix this.

    Everyone has their favorite design. If you have something in mind there are plenty of people around to help you with it.
  6. would you be able to help me put it up ill provide the materials ? resonable price
  7. I won't be able to work on it until later. If you are ok with that, then yes.
  8. yeah thats fine sorta got gonin for the mean while
  9. Yeah, on EMC, this happens the first few times. A couple of runs with it removes the cobble problem, but the there's the problem of the lava turning to stone. I have no clue what the bug is, and I don't think there's a surefire way to fix it.
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  10. Uhm well I came up with a simple fix. /v 14144 you can see the adjustments that I made (only the line on the left of the stone gen was mine) and it works fine for me as a fix.
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  11. I checked yours out and the main difference is that the Repeaters on the Sticky Pistons are set to the second instead of the first position. I set mine the same and the problem went away. Nice!
  12. Yeah, if its not two ticks, the water escapes and floods. Two ticks is timed perfectly to keep the water out.
    It's not a very redstoney design, I just like the simplicity of it. :)
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  13. I was referring to the auto stopper that freezes the hopper clock and therefore pistons wen the queue is at 11/12 blocks. But okay :p
  14. can someone build me one of these