Looking for good recording softwhere!

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  1. Well, i'm HOPING to start a let's play for some random PC games (And mabye xbox if i can figure out how), but i am clueless on how to record and upload. Does anyone know some good recording softwhere/give me a tutoral?
  2. Arr! Ye be try fraps! It don't cost yer dubloons!
  3. For Xbox you need an HD PVR, Roxio Game recorder, there are many others out there :p

    As for PC, alot of people use Fraps....

    Oh and the game recorders for Xbox usually cost $100+
  4. I forgot: I want something FREE
    And looking at fraps, it isn't free.....
  5. I unfortunately don't know any good recording software and I want to start recording this summer to start up a YouTube Channel, however what I do know is that to record Xbox 360 gameplay/footage, you'll need a capture card (A good one if possible, they are quite expensive. Nobody want's to watch poor quality gameplays)
    Edit- I own a Roxio game capture, they aren't the best of quality but its okay for its price.
  6. Bandicam records up to 10 minutes for free and only has a rather unintrusive watermark at the top.
  7. I use hypercam 2. Its free, unlimited recording time, no watermark.. As many FPS as you want.
  8. I know that some people will say this is a terrible recorder, but it is not. (Their just jealous). Ezvid is a new and great FREE recording and video editing software, it's just a little tricky yo find the correct download place.
  9. Arr matey! I be a PIRATE!
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  10. DxTory, Fraps, MSI Afterburner, Hypercam, Bandicam, Camstudio. Just to name a few :p
  11. Nah, Ezvid forces you into quite a few things, such as annoying music, and it doesn't let you save the file, just directly upload it.
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  12. Pssst, Fraps is free if you do it illegally which I do not recommend, I myself would buy it. But If you should get fraps and if you make money with youtube it will pay it back in no time :D
  13. Fraps. You may be looking for something free, but FRAPS is yout best bet. I mean, you REALLY want to make youtube videos, you going to have to spend money.
  14. I've taken Golfer's advice and have gone with HyperCam 2
    I'm REALLY sastified with the results :D
  15. being a pirate is wrong! (unless it's Vegas since 95% of it's users never paid for it.)
  16. Hyper cam is alright but people aren't going to want to watch a video with the water mark of unregistered hypercam 2, I guess its good to start with, but as it goes on I would switch to fraps
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  17. Hypercam 2 doesn't have a watermark :)
  18. Am I the only one who got an Anti-Virus alert from HyperCam 2?
  19. That is why I'm not downloading it and am sticking to fraps
  20. Yep :p