Looking for good MC Mods!

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  1. I just downloaded Forge yesterday, and i want MOAR (that's right. MOAR) Mods. What are some good EMC APPROVED or SINGLE PLAYER mods you use? Please follow the guidelines below:
    1) I only want to download the mod; not 50 other things to make the mod work
    2) If the mod does not work with another specified Mod, please say what mod it does not work with

    Also, i am looking for good texture packs. Please follow the guidelines above as well before posting a good texture pack.
  2. Mine little pony... I don't use it but I assumed...
  3. Chicken has been working on listing them all to clean up the mods forum. If you look under the arrow by Empire Help and Support it's apparently a subforum now AKA never seen by anyone other than those of us who already use mods. The list links to their Minecraft.net forum post.

    Mods I suggest are Rei's Minimap, Optifine, InviTweaks, ArmorstatusHUD and StatusHUD or whatever it is that tells what potion/beacon effect is on you.

    Some of them are for Forge and Modloader. Sadly some I use are going Forge only so then I'm stuck missing mods :(

  4. I have Minimap and optifine, and i was jumping with joy, because i could never get mods to work, until Kadboy helped me and answered all of my stupid questions XD
  5. Downloading capes mod now
  6. Why do you not switch to Forge? I use it and it works fine with Magic Launcher.
  7. Every time I have used forge I lag. Plus I have mods that seem to only work with Modloader