Looking for friendly help.

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  1. Hello EMC, I'm here to talk about a little request that I have.

    I'm not sure if this is even the proper place to post this, but if not, please move it to the proper place.

    Anyways, my "request" is very simple. I'm looking for someone that doesn't live on Smp8, or even if you do live on Smp8, my general request is that I'm looking for a "simple" mob spawner or grinder, whatever it's name may be.

    I'm just looking for an experience grinder, so I could simply log out of my home world, and log into the grinder to gain some levels, to repair my tools, armor and anything else possibly.

    As that I'm requesting this, I don't feel that I deserve any of the items that I may pickup if I'm given the privilege to use someones experience grinder.

    I'm an honest person, and I do have my bad side if I feel that I need to defend myself. ( A little about myself. ) All in all though, I'm just here to ask if I may use ones experience grinder to gain levels to simply repair items that I use to gain more in the world of Minecraft!

    Please, if you feel free to help me out. I promise that I will give you every item that I pickup from the grinder! And if I can possibly work out some way of paying you, then that's fine too! I just really need to find an experience grinder on a different SMP, from number 8.

    Please and Thank you, for reading this wall of text. Assuming that you did. :p

    If not, I'm sorry for asking for so much. :(

    Just get back to me somehow, either in game message, or private message on the forums if there's such a thing? Either way, please help!


    This's a little about why I'm really requesting this in the first place, I'm just looking for a way to gain the materials I need quicker in the game, to continue building my project. Which if you don't know about it, because I don't really tell anyone about it unless you're on Smp8.

    I'm building a garden, for all of those on EMC that enjoy just looking at gardens. So, if you wish to give a visit at it's current state. I live on Smp8, residence 16086. ;)
  2. IF i still have my zombie spawner i can give it to you. Just pm me so I dont forget