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  1. hello every1 im here today looking for followers

    i just looked at how much i have 7 of them and i what more

    if u are my follower or want to be one there is a drop party every moneth for u guys(the drop party lasts all minecraft night)i drop gold,iron,emarld,and every1's favorite diamond

    -i banned every1 who is not a follower form my res that day(it takes place on the second of every month)

    just click on my wall then click follow
  2. You are not allowed to ask for follows or likes.
  3. I like the idea of having a drop party for followers, but you don't just ask for followers. You gain follows by doing something good or participating in the community and generally just being nice and friendly, not by asking for people to follow you for drop parties.
  4. not just drop partys i give feed back up coming news and help
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    By the way, why is this in the "introduce yourself" section?