[looking for]Flame 2 bows

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  1. I'm looking for someone that I can do business with and can provides me with flame 2 bows, since it's a custom drop so I don't have to power to make them at my res.

    Pls tell me your offers here or on pm's thx!
  2. I have 4 for sell
  3. I have some but do they need to be in God form?
  4. I'm looking for clean flame 2 bows how much would you guys sell them for a piece?
  5. Clean flame 2 bows....well I have them with power 2 and unbreaking 2. I really don't know a price because I hoard them :p
  6. I could maybe buy them 1.5k a piece.
  7. No thanks then I could add and few books make it a god bow and sell it for 10k
  8. Thread can be closed I got a supplier