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  1. So basically im looking for any jobs i can do if the employer can pay me. Please reply.:cool::)
  2. If you are interested in a Wither Skull Harvesting Job, start a Personal Message with me on the Forums :)
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  3. if you can follow tutorials you can build some big sugarcane farms for me I'll pay very well
  4. Ill hire you to craft sugar cane into paper for me, full time job ill always have work for you :p
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  5. If you are a good builder, by building company could use a helping hand. PM me if you are interested. We have a big job right now and one in a couple months as well as another within a couple months.
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  6. I'm happy to craft sugar cane into paper and dwarf do you want an auto sugarcane farm or manual
  7. Sorry I can't do wither skull harvesting
  8. sorry got a builder now but I do need a person to make paper and feed it into the infinite villager :)
  9. I'm happy to do that
  10. ok I'm on smp4 res 9500 I will be on tomorrow
  11. I'll be on at about 3:45 today
  12. I need someone to craft about 50+ DCs of sugar came for a start. Also need someone who can get some resources for me.
  13. I'm looking for a full-time farm builder. Training will be given, and I pay well.
  14. Might be interested ironic sword but I've had a sugarcane paper one before and I don't think they are worth.
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