Looking for employee/guard

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  1. So if you picked the Rudolph instead of the pick then I will employ you to guard me on a mining trip. I will not pay in rupees as I have zilch so because the pick has fortune 4 yes 4 then I will give you half of all resources mined/gathered. Once you accept the job I will sort out a time date and place with you.
  2. Why do you need a guard for mining?
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  3. The mafia is after him.
  4. The creeper mafia.
    They seem nice and friendly, you let them get real close...
    Then bang bang bang, you're dead.
  5. Listen it's a good opportunity for some all but free resources and all you have to do is follow me round and kill mobs and I mean fortune 4 is like up to 4/5 diamonds per ore so if we find diamonds you can get alot
  6. Cool il sort out a time later but I'm going out for the soon but thnx anyway. I'm on smp9 res 18160