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  1. Hey EMC! I have been on a hunt for diamonds for under 53r. I cant find any residences that sell them that cheap if they do they are out of stock :(. Please help me! if you sell diamonds for under 53r i will buy them all pm me to work out a deal :) if you know of a res that does sell them for under 53r and is in stock let me know below. Please guys i really need help with this. Thanks~Potato
  2. I currently have half a stack in stock at 14859, smp7
  3. Its a long shot, but try D1223m on SMP3. He doesn't play anymore, but his shop is there and is a buy/sell. Try there.
  4. Well, actually. If you go on smp 1, the many mega malls there sell diamonds for around 50 - 45 r. ;3 some places are more expensive.
  5. Where!
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  6. Try some small shops. In the end they have the best deals.
  7. Ok I will try this place. How much do u sell diamonds cdm?
  8. Bump any other shops?
  9. I sell for 52r per
  10. Not anymore.
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  11. Anyone else? Please guys i have been looking forever
  12. If you still need, you can PM me too.
  13. You can try 15164 on Smp7!