looking for diamonds... max price 75

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  1. Ill buy all the diamonds you got.... say here if you sell some!

  2. LOL what's up B? You need some diamond for some reason?
  3. 75r is really expensive :eek:
  4. say if you sell some :D and i think imù gonna do it with 50r max :s
  5. You should create a shop with a sell price on it and tell us where your residence is... then people can just sell them to you without all the fuss of organizing each transaction here in the forums.

    Also, 75r is high, you can probably lower that to 50 at least and have people filling up your chest with diamonds. But obviously the higher you offer the faster your will fill it up (don't forget to tell us all where you live).
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  6. My shop has diamonds on SMP3 for 55r each - there are more than you could possibly want
  7. I have 307 diamonds now:)