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  1. I can't be bothered to remember to vote every day, but still want my rewards. And so I'm calling on EMC! Help me keep my streak up, and I'll pay you 150-250r per day (we can negotiate exact pricing later). But to make sure I keep a consistent streak, I need someone proven to keep a streak up - so I won't be hiring anyone with a streak lower than 30. You must consistently vote for me every single day, so make sure to keep at least one site open per day. Post here or PM me for more info. Thanks!
  2. Well I think there is a glitch cause i tried to vote for legit_cow1223 after i voted and it said i need to wait 12 hours other wise ill vote on the 12 hour one and ill vote for you from the other voting sites
  3. Is this even allowed? I thought you could only vote on one username per day because the websites track your IP address.
  4. You can only vote once every 12/24 hours per IP per site. You can vote on one site for one person, another site for a second person, and so on.
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  5. I had someone doing this for me. Sadly they had to leave
  6. I'll be able to vote for you... current streak is soon going to be 270
  7. I'll be around 270... in around 261 days...
  8. Dj since I know and trust you (and you have the highest voting streak of all offers) I'll take you! We can negotiate in a PM which I'll be sending soon!
  9. Thanks for all the offers guys! Now could this be closed? Idk how. Does a staff need to do it?
  10. If you want it closed, report the original post (report button by time stamp) and type in that you'd like it closed by staff :)
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  11. Thanks!
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