[Looking For] Dedicated Voter

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  1. I want to keep my vote streak up, but keep forgetting to do it. So I'm calling on you to help me out! I'll pay 2300r for every week of voting. I'm not really sure how voting streaks and rewards and stuff works, but I would like my vote streak to increase twice a day so I get at least 14 streak increases in 1 week.

    If you can't do that, I can pay 1000r for 1 week, once per day, but that's less per vote than the 14/week option.

    I need proof that someone can keep up a streak, so I will only accept those with 30 or above on their own streak. You can reply here or PM me for more info or to apply. In case multiple people apply, I will pick the person with highest vote streak.

    Thanks for reading my thread!
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  2. Well, idk about doing it to get you 2 increases every day, but I can certainly vote for you daily. I need to keep my streak up as well. ;) I'd likely do it. :D
  3. Just pick a time when you're always awake. I do mine at 7am & 7pm. I'm close to 700 now doing this with the occasional missed times on weekends when extra sleep is needed. :p
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  4. I'd offer a bit more incentive for anyone that does 2 votes per day. That certainly takes more dedication and precision than one vote per day.

    Good luck finding somebody :)