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  1. So uh, I bought like 40DC of sugar cane thinking I could craft it all.... I was wrong.

    If you are up for the job please pm me and we will discuss pay.

    I need about 38 DC crafted into paper.
  2. I already sorted like 5 dcs for you lol
  3. Try the macro/keybind mod. It is very useful for this sorta thing.
  4. I installed it, entered in script.... makes 36 sugar for every DC crafted >.>
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  5. That doesn't happen to me >.>
    I would do it for you but I don't have the time at the moment :p
  6. What script do you use?

    PM it to me
  7. Shameless self advertising
  8. Your script crafted sugar for me :p Do not know why or how xD clicked on paper for a 999 craft and got like 20 sugar out of 999 crafts xD
  9. Sugar? :confused:
    Did you type in 999 on the first prompt and then paper on the second one? Cause I just tried it and it crafted paper perfectly for me. Were you also facing a crafting table?
  10. The job has been filled, if you want to discuss macros with me feel free to PM. Asking for this thread to be closed.

  11. Was facing crafting table and I typed 999 on first prompt and paper on second.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.