Looking for cheap bricks :D

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  1. I am looking for a cheap shop that sells brick blocks:)
    I will be making my house but im looking for resources.so thats why im asking this, also my minecraft username is sebatito735 ;)
  2. PS: you just ruined your chances. by saying you sent it in....
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  3. You could go to the Nether and mine some. There is a lot of netherbrick to the North. A bridge takes you out a ways and then you end up with a lot of brick. Easy to mine.
  4. i want on smp3 and got an entire inventory full. i was 1K from spawn. also he said BRICK not netherbrick
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  5. My bad. I've only been playing this game for like 3½ weeks?
  6. but you did know what netherbrick was. i didnt know about the nether for a month or 2. :D so good job on studying
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  7. Yeah I've even gone out and mined it myself. Built a whole hotel with Bugmo1207 on my res with sandstone and netherbrick that we mined in the Nether/wilderness.
  8. Lol seba is not making thta house anymore he is making a new on is a mansion of wood,planks and stone only oak if you wanna help hin donate wood to me or him we are best friend :)
  9. And this was bumped why? look at the date it's from july
  10. Lol i now but anyway
  11. Don'y You mean:
    "know" instead of "now"