Looking for bulk wool

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  1. I no longer need wool.

    Hey emc im looking for bulk wool
    i need:
    10 stacks of light blue
    10 stacks of black wool
    10 stacks of white wool
    10 stacks of blue wool

    I've had someone willing to fill out this order for 1000r (they pulled out last minute decided shearing wool isn't all its cracked up to be haha) but i will be happy to pay a personable price :)
  2. I dont need white anymore
  3. I actualy have two stacks of black wool and one stack of light blue wool and 34 of just blue wool. :3
  4. The just blue wool isn't as important as the light blue it is key for my project :)
  5. Oh okay, well just tell what res and server and I'll give you the wool. :3
  6. smp6 v 12270 :)
  7. Try 4421 SMP2, no guarantees though :)
  8. I've got most of your light blue wool cheers alex and i now have enough for my project :)
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  9. You're welcome :)
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  10. I think you got all d3r3k's :)
  11. It was in your store so who ever sells in the purple bit i got it from them ^^
  12. Ahaha it's a co-op store, you must've been clicking his sign ;P
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