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  1. http://www.mediafire.com/download/cb416syj628bq4w/AuctionRoomContest.zip

    I need this built underground on my Utopia res, I made some changes from the original save to make is lag free for me.

    Please Note:
    • The underground area is not dug yet, I will be paying you to do that alongside the room.
    • Most of the materials will be supplied, if I dont have it let me know how much I need and I will buy it!
    • I will pay fair for the labor, so please if you are interested... :)
    If you are down for the job, fill out this form please. It is to make sure I chose the right person for job :).
    Thanks for checking my thread out!
  2. Interested and submitted
  3. Thanks for your submission!
  4. Submitted a form and im interested
  5. Thanks for your response!
  6. Submitted. :)

    I'm not at a computer so I can't download the world, but I presume it's Khixian's? If not the price I listed will be a lot cheaper. :p
  7. It is khixan's with a little modification, hers had flowing lava and water which drops my frames a ton so I removed that and added in some more color. same blocks though.
  8. Bump, will be closing applications Friday @ 5PM EMC time.

    (so that the hired person gets the weekend to work :))
  9. Submitted, unless to late =P
  10. Nope, submissions close Friday.
  11. Sweet, I'll do my best to start it tomorrow. Should I record some of it? I just got the right software (Shrug)
  12. no... im waiying until friday to see who gets job.
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  13. Okey dokey!, wait till Friday then?Sweet.
  14. Applications closed.

    PenguinDJ will be doing the job.

    Requesting this be closed.
  15. LOL I just saw this now. Ah well :) Ask me. I'll normally build you any of my designs for the sheer fun of it.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.