Looking for Builder to Build Around 35 Tedious Farm Towers...

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  1. Hello Everyone!

    I'm looking for someone to build many melon/pumpkin farm towers from y=7 to y=256.
    I'm paying a tentative payment of 15k per tower (this can be changed with negotiation)
    ./v 729 to see the 4 towers I've got so far.
    If you are interested, PM me and I will send you pictures of the design. It is very simple,
    yet very tedious, as I said in the title.

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  2. I'm interested! I'd be happy to help with this. :)
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  3. ..Especially when 1 tower (fully built) needs to be moved over by 1 block :mad:
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  4. Haha, so true!!
  5. Bump! :) Still looking for more people!
  6. Bump! Still lookin..... ;)
  7. Wait what are those?

    I am not into farming, just interested what they do
  8. Oh, they basically automatically farm melons and pumpkins for me. :)
  9. Try a 6 res build overy by one block lol
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  10. Bump! Still looking!
  11. I've got 2 members on the team so far, looking for more!
  12. Do you supply materials?
    Depending on how complicated the towers are, I may be able to do a few this weekend.
  13. Yes, I do. They aren't complicated at all, go to ./v 729 @mp to see the two layers of the design.
  14. Bump! Can you believe it? I'm still looking for more builders! xD
  15. Bump! Now paying 15k per tower!
  16. I would be willing to help :)