Looking for Build helpers

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  1. alright so some of you may have heard that i was making a 15/16 res display but now i am looking for a few volunteers that would be willing to help me with the base that the build will sit on. it will be quite big so i am in need of some help to speed up the process of the base. you will get full credit for the help and you head will be placed in its own section to show you had helped. just post here if you are interested and i will look into things further thanks.
  2. 15/16 res ... as in it's on a residence in town?

    I'm pretty free atm ... what server would this be on?
  3. I can try but you know me xD Busy, busy, busy
  4. I'll try tomorrow if you'd like. Pm me if you want
  5. I am willing to help do menial tasks when possible.
  6. Ill help just Pm whenever you can