Looking for budder

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  1. OK i am a budder adict and i cant seem to find budder at a reasonable price, which i think is like 13r tops, which is more than most. I am looking to buy a DC atm for 10r per ingot. if anyone has it and will sell at that price it is welcomed.:)
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  2. This. This! THIS! Lol.
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  3. It is gold... right?
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  4. Yes, of course its gold, and just gold.
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  5. No. budder
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  6. Not budder, not butter, not bacon. Just gold. :p
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  7. lols a lot happens when u sleep.
  8. does anyone have any gold for me to buy in bulk
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  10. can somone actually post that has budder i can buy, and please stop argueing about the finite ways to say gold
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  11. I believe you meant INfinite.
  12. I don't know what "budder" is, but if you could define it... I might tell you where you could find some.

    Actually, I know what it is, but I find it so irritating when people call it budder.
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  13. ok there was a whole discussion but if u know a cheap(10-14 per better if it 10 and bulk it should be) place to buy please say
  14. -_-
    it's a joke