Looking for Beacons

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  1. Please name the res number and the price you are offering. I sold my empire firework so I hope i have enough rupees!
  2. I don't have a res that has a chest for them, but I can sell you some... I'll sell for 17k/ea, got 7 to sell currently
  3. 17 is quite steep... You can usually get them for 10k, sometimes as low as 8k.
  4. I have seen the average around 15k, and most seem sold out under that. However, the economy does tend to fluctuate a bit, doesn't it. I do remember getting some beacons at 12k, however have not found any under 15 for some time now. If you are patient you may find a deal.
  5. when was the last time you were in the market for beacons? haha

    Similiar question, when was the last time you looked into beacons? haha I'd buy any and all beacons i could for 12k haha -

    But recently the price of beacons has gone up(I blame LadBlo and her new build with like 40 beacons just sitting in the walls), I've sold over 30 beacons in the last couple weeks, cheapest of which was 16.1K i believe.

    ( I am a self proclaimed beacon master)
  6. Wow, weird to see beacon price go back up... I bought 6 for my place all at 10k, and that wasn't too long ago.
  7. I have an extra beacon I could sell for 13.5k
  8. I can sell you beacon(s)/star(s) for more than 15k.
    Already got buyer for that price. :)
  9. Yup, I did buy them, but it has been a few months. Is also why I indicated shops are sold out at 15k.
    Definitely has gone up over the past few months however.
    Well, most of mine I just get by running to the nether and hunting those skeletons.

    However recently some players have spawned withers near protected areas getting them 'stuck'.
    However one player managed to defeat it and get the wither star.
    What fun it is!
  10. If you are prepared to spend a lil more to get one quicker then 9000 is your place I believe allegreno sells em at 19000 at the res spawn for around 15k not 100% sure and I'm not sure about stock as well hope this helps :D