Looking For Any Sort of Work (Post if you need help with something)

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  1. I'm just looking for work. I'm kinda low on good building supplies, but I need more money before I just go buying them. I would appreciate if you would allow me to work for you or do anything for you, as long as it's a fair price. You can even pay me in items, as long as I agree to what they are and the quantity. I'm pretty lenient, so I won't ask for outrageous prices, but a decent price for a big task would be nice. :p

    So, post away. I can start working tomorrow after school, around 3:00 PM CST. :D
  2. You could be a employee at my new enchantment shop:)
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  3. You can help me dig a 60x60x10 on my res
  4. 621op: What would I do as a worker in you enchantment shop? Just enchant stuff? :p

    joshmcf: Ok, I could help with that. How much are you willing to pay, cuz that's a lot of stuff to dig up. :p
  5. well you would organize and answer questions from people if you work at my shop you get 150r per day and 1 enchanted item each month
  6. Seems cool, what server are you on, and what's your res number?

    Also, in case you need to know, I'm on SMP8, res 16289.
  7. 621op, Can i work at your enchantment shop please?
  8. what i really need is 100k for my next project also that is why i need sponsors
  9. But what about working? Enchantment shop.
  10. no sorry :(
  11. What Sever are you on? And what res number? I might buy something..
  12. its not open yet
  13. :( okay...
  14. wait you could work here but you get 50r per day
  15. Could you help me dig something up? I have some enchanted items myself and i need to make an enchantment shop.
  16. Sure! I love to work. :)
  17. come on smp8
  18. I pay quite a lot for logs, cobble, coal and sand/sandstone In my suppliers shop at 4005 SMP. I also buy pretty much everything else ;)
  19. Hey, when did you say the enchantment shop would open, again? :p