[Looking for an item] XP Bottles

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  1. Anyone know which store(s) sell xp bottles?
  2. Hop onto smp7, and talk to jwalker8822. I believe he has them in his shop.
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  3. Yeah I sell them at 14628
  4. The all knowledgeable highlancer54!
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  5. Lol hey jknrlz! Long time no see man!
    Glad to see you are still around!

    Ya, I am on smp7 often, so try to remember what is where for when I need stuff too.
  6. Got that correct :) Don't forget to shop at 14010 when it's open!
  7. Hey! Might cya on this weekend possibly.
    Still not open? Man, that was started months ago, like when I joined 7 :p
  8. Ha ha me and Lance have been really busy so we've been unable to stock and stuff. But it's near completion now!
  9. Haha, fair enough - didn't know lance was joint partner with ya!
  10. Yep! :)