Looking for amazing Builders!

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  1. Hey, as most people know Im building a huge mall but Im terrible at building...
    So my idea was to make a huge tower but in a Middle Easter [ mainly Israely looking ] Style.

    But put Images of your design in comments and if you win you'll get 50-100k [ according to materials + design] but you must build your design on my res to receive the prize. thank you!

    EDIT: Floor must be sandstone :p

    what I want it to be somewhat based off of

  2. would help you but i am workin on a project atm on utopia at /v sunbumkiki 2nd res
  3. I am not offering to build this but another picture of a different view could help people too :)
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  4. Im just saying that culture design :p
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  5. I just finished a build on smp6 res 12993 (/v 12993) if you want to see what I have done. I did exterior and interior.
    How many floors do you want and do you want just the exterior built?
  6. Probally 10 floors
  7. Is winning at the moment, waiting for 2 others to put in a poll
  8. [ CLOSED ]

    Building myself, low on rupees