Looking for Actors (Voice Too)| Payment Increases as Reputation Increases.

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  1. Hello. You may have noticed I don't play on emc that much anymore... It's because I'm kinda bored of it. But I still like minecraft and I still love the community since it's so perfectly balanced.

    Okay so here is how it'll go.

    Actors (No Voice)

    First Payment: 500r
    Second+ Payment: Decided on Reputation

    I will talk with you on skype and show you what to do and then you'll do it while I'm recording. May be up to 5 scenes per video. If it's good working with you, you will have a higher reputation and be paid more per video.

    Skype (Mic to communicate with me, your voice will not be in the videos)
    1 Minecraft Account
    Must be mature
    Must know when it's time to not mess around
    Must have a decent pc (not run out of memory)

    To apply just look at the requirements and post here.

    Voice Actors:

    First Payment 1,500r
    Second+ Payment: Decided by reputation
    I will send you your lines and you will say them and record it on your mic and then send the files to me in a .wav or .mp3 format.


    Types of Voices you can do:
    If you can, what characters can you do: