Looking for about 200 stacks of Lapis Blue wool.

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  1. Alright, So I need about 200 stacks of Lapis blue wool, I am willing to pay 1.5 rupees per block of wool which equals 96 rupees per stack or 19200 rupees for it all, Leave a message here or message me on SMP8.
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  2. What are you going to build with 200 stacks of blue wool? That is so many! Maybe I will give you dome!
  3. I'm surrounding my res down to bedrock in one layer of blue wool.
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  4. Make up your mind - lapis or blue wool? If lapis, I MIGHT have quite a lot at 4005 SMP2.
  5. Lapis blue wool... The wool coloured with lapis.
  6. Alex, didnt you the same at your farming residence, the one with the pixel art?
  7. Yep
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  8. I bought all your darker blue wool, Alex. Needed it for the pixel art :)
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  9. I think I bought about 10 stacks there yesterday :D
  10. And bought like almost a double chest from me :p
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  11. Used it all up already :D