Looking for a Witch Farm

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  1. I would very much like to use a witch farm. I was wondering if anyone would let me know the co-ordinates of one they have built or that they are using. I would use it only when nobody else is doing so.
    Serious replies only, please.
  2. If it's glowstone and/or redstone you're looking for, you may also consider a gold farm and trading the zombie flesh with a cleric. Witch farms in EMC can be a little slow going (20x20x16 2 spawn limit and other limits for lag), but villager trading is a bit OP here. You may also find a gold farm owner that has a stockpile of flesh they have not the time to trade.
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  3. Thank you. I will keep that in Mind.
  4. I realize hours later that other people say my previous post when they mean: No. You are silly.
    But I mean it as: That seems like a Viable option.
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  5. I'ma Probably use the SMP8 one. Because I Practically live there. :p
    Tee hee <3
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