Looking for a skin maker! Payment included!

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  1. Hello EMC! Long time no talk eh? Well I am talking now, I am looking for someone to make a skin for me, there is a picture down below I found on google but there is no skins for it whatsoever. I would love it if someone could make me this skin! I will pay 7k rupees for this skin and the download. I would like the downloaded PM'd to me so nobody else can use this unique skin :) thanks and hope you guys jump on some easy money ;) mgQpZky.png
  2. Another positive of making this is I will mention you in one of my youtube videos! :D
  3. I'm pretty decent at making skins. I can do it.
  4. I'll get right on it. Should be done soon.
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  5. Please PM me the download as well when you are finished :) If I like it I will let you know