Looking for a skilled builder.

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  1. I am looking for someone who would be interested in assisting me in the construction of a bank on my residence. Payment will be at minimum 15,000 more depending on work done. Pm me if you wish to apply.
  2. i'm pretty sure banks aren't allowed. or is this just for show?
  3. I can build, if you supply?
  4. This is correct banks are no longer allowed in EMC.. but you can build one for LOOKS only..
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  5. This bank is just for show, and its mainly the outside look that I want. I will provide the supplies.
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  6. I can help ill even supply :)
  7. I might be able to build most of it... depending on what you want it to look like and how big it is.
  8. Can you pm me some of your previous builds and/or your res on emc builds.
  9. Sadly, I have destroyed my last shop. I am really bad at posting screenshots. I have built the temple on 6403, and the shop on 6426. I also built 6332. These are on smp3 if you wish to check them out... I don't build much because I like to build in survival but I build it well when I do.
  10. 18001 is my res :)