Looking for a skilled builder for a large project.

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  1. I am looking for someone who can make large builds, payment in negotiable. Please pm me or contact me ingame(Smp3) for info.
  2. Hey! I pmed you the other day about this and you never replied
  3. What kind of build?
  4. A large shop.
  5. I'll do it I'm skilled all I wish for is pay (generous) and supplied materials
  6. I am skilled in the art of building, go and check my last construction at smp7 /v.14725
  7. guys podkid is banned and anyway i was going to do this for him
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  8. Lol, when he was banned, and what hapen :eek:
  9. /p podkid7
  10. Do you want shop strutrce or the shop + prices+ everything eles?
  11. Boss... He's banned.
  12. Yeah, I know. I was thinking it'd be hard to give some one rights on your res if your banned :eek:
  13. How about Eclipsys!
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